Tuesday, February 9, 2010

attention span...

In this day and micro wave age I initially caught myself thinking I wouldn't watch this entire video, which was 7:47 in length in a "rhythm of film" package done in 1963.

But I was reminded of a couple excellent points in marketing...

1) Background Music is Critical: While I was well aware of the music sweeping me along; I actually found I couldn't help myself. I could hardly wait for the climax, I wanted to experience the entire film. It was an excellent example of choosing the correct music for the desired result.

2) Momentum Works: Created anticipation. It caught my attention early on and I stayed with it the entire 7:47.

3) The Climax: For me it as like reading a book vs. watching a movie based on a book. The movie never is exciting as what I have created in my mind. When I saw the milk bottles lined up at the station in the beginning of the film, I kept imagining that the train would crash into the snow and it would make ice cream. LOL. Seriously. But this wasn't my film, or my vision.

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