Wednesday, September 30, 2009

BIG shout out to God...

This is a BIG shout out to God!!!!
God often gives me big visions. Things that are absolutely impossible to do in my own strength. I see it, I jot it down, dream about, I talk about it and pray. I've learned not to be impatient, I continue to pray and just simply wait on God to provide.

Some of the things I have been praying for this year:

Sewing: I don't sew at all. We use a LOT of cloth and there are so many projects that needed someone with sewing skills. God sent Emily. Just one of the projects she has done was to create a skirt to go around our media cart in the lobby. We used to safety pin two table clothes and it looked pretty tacky. She has worked on several project since, including some costumes for our drama team, and some little tubes, which I will be using in stage designs later in the year. Emily is our sewing miracle.

Experiential Elements: I love what I do. I love styling the stage, but one thing that really floats my boat is experiential elements. I dream of incorporating all the senses into the worship experience. Breaking down the "fourth wall". Adding more take-aways. Things that people are able to take home with them to illustrate the sermon or worship experience. I have managed to add some of these elements over the time I have been serving, but I'm often constrained by the week in week out stage design. I have been praying for someone that truly has a heart for stage design. And God sent me Allison. She is amazing. She loves this. And the coolest thing is, Allison also like the experiential elements, breaking down the fourth wall concepts. And she really, really wants to serve. Allison is my "heart" miracle! Next...
Construction: I have had these construction project ideas for awhile now. One idea is for a portable table. Another concept is to build portable risers to create different elevations on the stage for the band members. So really recently a guy named Gordan approached our worship and creative arts staff person and said he felt God was really calling him to offer his construction skills to our team. He came to our meeting last night. Yippee! We chatted last night and I shared my ideas and he is off and running. And he fits right into our crazy cretive team.
3 visions
3 prayers
3 answers
But you know what is even cooler? I know that these people aren't here simply implement little ideas I've had. I had little visions and my job was to pray these people into our team. I see in Emily, Allison and Gordan people who will bring so many of thier own "God ideas" to the team.
How cool is that?
One other vision I have is big and hairy. Just so you know, I have been praying for several years now for somebody(s) who write grants. I fully believe that this person is out there. In fact I believe they are already in place and God is working on their hearts. They are longing to find that perfect place for them to serve.
God simply ROCKS!!!
“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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