Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the octopus or heavenly spider?

Saw this design in July on Church Stage Design Ideas. It was created by Tyler Dunlop, from Bon Air Nazarene in Kokomo, Indiana The Octopus.
So I downloaded it into my my inspiration file.
Things have been changing yet again, and it's back to me doing the designing and implementation. Though I've got some additional people who will help out. Most of them are afraid of heights.
So I wound up on the ladder this week. Actually I found great joy in doing it. I really missed being able to implement designs with a ladder.
I find freedom in being able to implement it myself. I know exactly where I am going with the cloth. Sort of like designing in the air! And so much easier than trying to explain it to some one else.

Once I got the initial design up, I decided that I really needed "gold" something. The middle section just didn't work correctly. So off I went to Walmart.
This is what it looked like, after all was said and done (this is without the gold).
Still, not the best picture, but hopefully I will have more to post soon.
It was nicknamed the "heavenly spider" by the pastors. LOL.
It was definitely fun to be back in the saddle again.

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