Tuesday, February 15, 2011

seeing the bigger picture...

Just a short note here. I am now serving on a local Human Trafficking Task Force. We are simply a group of people from various churches that have a passion for ending human trafficking. While we are focusing on finding and filling the "gap" here in our county; I keep seeing a much bigger picture.
I'm talking a ginormous, big, hairy picture.
It's hard to completely define at this point but:
It includes creating a dance/performance arts group. And I don't dance (LOL)
Building a place of restoration for victims of trafficking and abuse. Called "La Casita" a little house making a big difference. This concept geared more towards a community center, has been on my heart for years.
Creating some sort of nation-wide coalition of believers to address the issue of modern day slavery.
Creating some way of getting the word out about trafficking. To engage people I meet on the street about the issue. Maybe t-shirts?
Don't know where this is going. I am being transformed. I see it, I don't get where it is going. But, that's o.k. I learned a long time ago, when God is speaking, I just wait, listen and don't ask a lot of questions.
Just letting it percolate...

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